The Greening

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The Greening's mission statement is to push psychedelic rock music to new frontiers through their blend of accessible experimentation. Combining memorable hooks, strong melodies and cascading vocal harmonies, the band craft instantly memorable songs. However, the radio friendly nature of the songwriting disguises its underlying complexity. Surprise bridges, unexpected arrangements/time signatures, and well thought out productions all unite to enhance the compositions. Their sound stems from an appreciation of psychedelia, art rock, power pop and a desire to combine elements of all of these with studio wizardry a la production heroes like Cornelius, Dr. Dre, Tobacco, J Dilla, and DJ Shadow.

Recording-wise, The Greening has always sought to combine as many styles as possible in collagist fashion. As can be heard on their first six albums -- After Shoal Parlor, The Last Tibetan Midnight, Eon v. Aeon, The Greening, Weariness In Perpetual Motion, and The Color Of Television -- the variety of stylings take listeners across a landscape of music history, landing them squarely in the twilight of sound the world is waking up to. The familiar is there to be heard, but in a way that is neither nostalgic nor retro.

Their latest album, 2023's Lost Levels, speaks to distant memories, fragmented daydreams, and half-finished thoughts long forgotten. Their most concise release at 11 tracks, 33 minutes, Lost Levels is a cinematic, hazy, autumnal aural adventure.

Lost Levels Album Back Cover Image
Karl Smirking Portrait Image
Karl Meischen
Lead & backing vocals, keyboards
Will With A Longing Stare Portrait Image
Will Loving
Lead & backing vocals, guitars
Nick Smpldering Portrait Image
Nick Tatro
Adam Smiling Portrait Image
Adam Pallin