Leningrad (Slips and Knots)

3 new videos coming soon

We’re working on videos for “Synching Through The Void” and “Kicking And Screaming” as well as the long-delayed video for our cover of Ambulance LTD’s “Country Gentleman” from their New English E.P. Can’t wait to share ‘em with you, one should be out sometime next month with the other two following later this fall. Also on the home stretch of recording sessions at Airship Laboratories, LP 4 is turning out GREAT! Really fun times this summer, will bring more good news soon . . .

Entering final month of Airship sessions

All has been quiet on the update front because we’ve been diligently working behind the scenes on LP 4. Can’t wait to share this with you, the sessions are going great! At the end of August our recording sessions at Airship Laboratories will be complete and any last minute additions will be done at the Loving Palace. Will have some news on the long-delayed, upcoming “Kicking And Screaming” video and the interview with Music City Radio soon!

Interview on Eon v. Aeon, track by track, coming soon

We’re happy to announce that Chris Locs has invited us to sit down and do an interview with him on Music City Radio. The interview will spotlight the entire Eon v. Aeon album, with us answering questions about everything from the recording process to the various inspirations behind the songs. During the interview the entire album will get played, with us answering questions about each song between each track. More details forthcoming!