Leningrad (Slips and Knots)

New videos coming

We’re excited to announce that there are a LOT of new videos on the way. We have videos in the planning stage for “Kicking And Screaming” and “Synching Through The Void,” out in May and early summer respectively, as well as the long-promised super-psychedelic live videos for “Into The Fugue” and “Two Weeks Later, A Gate Glitch,” dropping later this month! There’s also a video for the early chestnut, After Shoal Parlor’s “Rouge Light,” directed by Crystal Witten and long hidden in the vaults unseen by the public, to be making its debut later this spring, as well as a video for our cover of Ambulance LTD’s “Country Gentleman.” More news soon . . .

DNA Lounge show June 13 hosted by The Deli Magazine

We’re happy to announce we’ll be headlining a show hosted by The Deli Magazine at DNA Lounge on Friday, June 13th. It’ll be a stellar four band line-up, with The Other Tones getting things started at 8:45, Balms following at 9:30, Hungry Skinny at 10:15 and us at 11. We’ve been working on a new, as-yet-untitled song and are about to start work on learning “Stuck On The Arctic Ocean.” We just completed a demo for the latter and are also in the midst of getting a “Kicking And Screaming” video into production. Lots more news soon!

We’re The Deli Magazine’s SF Band of the Month

Head on over there and check it out! Brand new interview up there in the next week and in the meantime they’ve got our video for our cover of Optiganally Yours’ “Held” right on their homepage, as well as our ugly mugs at the top! COOL.