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4/20 and Art Boutiki shows coming up

Hello again! We’re very excited about our two upcoming shows: Grant & Green Saloon (1371 Grant @ Green in San Francisco), Friday, 4/20 with Plastic Villains and Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony, 9:45 pm, FREE SHOW SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery in San Jose, Saturday, April 28th with Contra Ville, Ghost of Wright’s and […]

Edging ever closer . . .

Greetings and salutations! We are happy to report that four of the twelve songs on our upcoming third album now have final mixes: “10,000,” “A Victory?,” “Synching Through The Void” and “Two Weeks Later, A Gate Glitch.” “Leningrad (Slips and Knots)” is very near completion at this point and since rough mixes were completed of […]