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Grant & Green tomorrow night!

Hi all! Today Will and I finished recording all the vocals for our internet-only cover version of Animal Collective’s excellent song “Appelsauce.” The recording session was a blast and we can’t wait to share this cover, along with covers of Grizzly Bear’s “Ready, Able” and Optiganally Yours’ “Held” within the next 6 or so weeks. […]

Leningrad video in the works!

We’re pleased to announce that Crystal Witten, the artist behind the stunning Eon v. Aeon album artwork and merch, as well as the animator of the video for ancient After Shoal Parlor album cut “Rouge Light,” is hard at work on the video for EvA’s 2nd single, “Leningrad (Slips and Knots).” So far it’s looking […]

Pedestal & The World Is Dark . . .

. . . are the names of two brand new songs we’ve been rehearsing the CRAP out of over the past few weeks. While not *quite* ready for their live debuts, they should be featured in the Elbo Room show setlist on February 6th. In the meantime, JOIN US TOMORROW NIGHT for FREE ROCK AND […]