Airship sessions and Milk Bar show

Hello again. Will and I are heading to Airship Studios tomorrow to record vocals for a few hours. There are a few parts over four songs off the next record that we never recorded at Hyde St last year due to time constraints. The mixing continues to come along, with it looking closer and closer like by the end of the month the whole thing will be completely done. The album’s running sequence at least at this point appears to be finalized, and a title should also be forthcoming! In the meantime we’ve been learning two new songs, “Pterodactyl” and “Hop-Skip-Jump,” the first of many other new songs (“Tiles,” “Silencer,” “The Ground Is Beginning To Break,” “February Is Now October,” “Alexandria’s Cocoon,” two others without titles as of yet) that we’ll be learning over the next three months. At that point, those songs, along with “Of Night,” a song we’ve been doing live for about a year and a half now, will make up our fourth album that we’ll start recording next year. Other than that, we’re looking forward to tour show at Milk Bar on May 24th with Hungry Skinny and Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony. Both bands have wholly unique sounds and energetic chemistry on stage, we can’t wait for you to hear/see them if you haven’t yet! Our friend Hard Rich will also be spinning a hip hop set of old school classics and modern masterpieces for an hour after Hungry Skinny’s performance. He goes on at midnight. Come rock!