Thanks everyone!

Last night was a blast! All of you who were there can vouch for not only the wonderful hosts of our show, especially Paul who managed the sound and lighting for the show.

Most importantly, if anyone took any video, you can send it to me at

Once again, thanks to Major Powers and Hungry Skinny. Our trio of rock groups seems to work amazingly well together. The Greening looks forward to playing with you all in the future. Not to mention, the rad music you’ve shared with us.

As a reminder, we will be releasing an album very soon! Will has neared completion of the recordings and as you already know he is in conversation with a mastering technician who will most likely be taking this recording to the next level. Since I am in the inner loop, I can tell you that the tracks sound super-awesome.

This record is for you all, to thank you all for being great fans, and to enjoy and rock out to in your bedrooms, in your cars, and hopefully off your cellphone tweeter while you’re riding on the bus (NOT). Enjoy your weekend everyone!

See you at the next performance!


& The Greening